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Have you ever dreamed of fucking a blonde farmer? Do you like simple games to pass the time with a touch of porn? If you fit this profile, then you’ll love the booty farm hack I’ve prepared for you. Porn games come in all kinds of varieties. First of all, there’s the elite category, like virtual reality porn games, interactive adventures and festivals and shitty orgies. Then there’s a kind of game that stays halfway there. They are games that are based on the plot and contain endless erotic stories, graphic novels, bridal simulators, and so on. And finally, underneath it all is the craziest shit. They’re not always bad, but the truth is that most games in this category are pretty boring. Just like flash games with little animation, time-based games are a tostón, besides being insubstantial, and are released in any way along with mobile applications.

This game, unfortunately, fits into this latter category. But don’t pires yet. I’ve been wrong before, so if someone is going to launch an incredible click-based game, it will be a porn page with a potential like this one. The site attracts over 100 million hits per month. I’ve played a lot of Nutaku games in my life and they’re usually amazing. So let’s see if Booty Farm is just as good.

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Game with simple graphics that gets very repetitive
The plot is quite simple. It’s not going to blow your head off or anything like that, but who expects something like that from a porn game anyway? Basically, in the game you adopt the character of a city boy who just inherited his uncle’s farm. Your plan is to get there and sell it to earn some money and go back to your downtown apartment where you earn a pasture and drive cars. Come on, the typical stallion.
Well, that plan disappears with a stroke of the pen when Mindy, the blonde, bosomy farmer, tells you that all the men from the village have gone to live in the city and work in a new factory. As a result, the women of the village are anxious to try a good cock. Including Mindy herself, who takes you to the barn and sucks you to get you to stay and tells you that your uncle used to fuck all the aunts in town, but that your dick is much bigger than his. So you end up staying. You work on the farm and meet more and more horny farmers as you move up the level.

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The game is very similar to the typical Facebook game, only that it contains some additional sexual innuendo and sometimes very dirty images appear. Seriously, every time you try to do something, there’s Mindy, making some kind of perverse joke. What do you need to plant some corn? “That’s it, spread your seed everywhere”. Do you want to harvest that corn? “Mm, so fat and rich. Sometimes it can be pretty bad. It’s like… Who the fuck gets horny with this shit? I just don’t get it, but well, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who love it.

You’ll have to spend money on premium coins to play at a reasonable speed.
The economy of the game is based on coins and “diamonds”. Why the fuck they will call those red gems “diamonds” is something that surpasses me. But diamonds work as a premium coin and you can buy more to accelerate your progress. The thing is that shit costs real money. So if you want to enjoy more than 5 minutes of shit in the game at any given time, you’ll have to drop the dough and buy those fucking diamonds to be able to do some more nonsense. It’s about building a farm. Raise chickens, collect their eggs, build a mill, travel to other farms, fish and perform incredibly attractive tasks.
The basic mechanics and menus are as follows: you use coins to buy seeds in the shop, you plant the seeds, you wait, you harvest the seeds, you send the seeds so that they become grain, you wait, you buy animals, you feed them, you wait for the animals to produce more ingredients, you wait and so on all the time. You can unlock new girls, buy larger plots, cosmetic items and build larger buildings. But that’s it. That’s the game.


Pornographic rewards are mediocre and hard to get.

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If you get to play for a couple of hours, you might even get to see a picture of Mindy or one of your other sluts fucking! Wow. But that’s it. There are no great animated sex scenes. There are no interactive fucks. You can’t choose what you want to do to these girls. It’s boring. It’s that simple. I’ve had more fun looking for a new porn game than playing this one.
But it has some merits. The drawings are well done. They’re not fucking shit or anything like that. The game worked